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How to Learn SEO in 2017?

How to Learn SEO in 2017?

This article is helpful for you If !

  • You are a Businessman and trying to learn SEO
  • You are a Student and trying to learn SEO
  • You are already a Digital Marketer and using old tricks to do SEO

Amit Dadhich Learn SEO in 2017

Keeping your Website or your Business safe from any of the Google's Penalty must be your first thought is 2017. Google has become too strict to plagiarism and link stuffing, so it is recommended to not to over do SEO. 

Here i will tell you some points to remember in 2017 while learning or doing SEO.

Few things before i go ahead:-

  • Free and Paid, both kind of education is available on internet. It depends upon your ability to learn what method you choose.
  • It is all about practically doing it. Only reading some books will not help you.
  • Do not run. Understand the Basics first. SEO is steady, slow and painful process.
Here are the 5 steps I would suggest every beginner to follow in order to learn SEO? 

Ask Google

You can learn almost every thing in SEO if you have the right questions in your mind.
From "What is SEO?" to "Advance SEO" you can learn through Google. If you are a knowledge hungry person all you need is the answers of your all questions what you would probably ask to your trainer as well.

When you know how to use Google for yourself, You are completing the 1st step of your learning here because Search Engine Optimization is all about "How a user can think while searching for your services/products or similar ones".

Acquire Basic Knowledge

A Basic and Robust knowledge is very necessary for beginners. Do not misguide yourself by acquiring short tricks. 
Understand the fact that Google is regularly updating it's algorithm and eventually it will find out that your work is not according to guidelines.

Amit Dadhich Acquire Basic Knowledge of SEO

Build your basic knowledge, Learn about popular tools like 
These are the easy tools you can start with and sufficient enough to give an idea about your work.
I started with these tools and became a Digital Marketing Consultant having hands-on experience on over 50 tools.

Start doing it

You can not learn SEO without doing it.

Stop thinking to gain theoretical knowledge about SEO and start a free blog to implement your learning.
This is the best way to learn and every person has to go through all practicals to have a real time experience of problems and solutions.

Amit Dadhich Start Doing SEO

While doing SEO you will get the actual idea how Search Engines think and act on your published content. 

You will learn where and what to do.

You will learn the basic uses of all the above mention tools.

That is why

Don't wait ......!

Start doing it as soon as you gain basic knowledge.

Watch YouTube to solve your Problems

Oh no!

That is something i did not learn while learning SEO.

You would have reactions similar to this while doing SEO because theory and practical both are different.

The best guide ever for beginners is the YouTube which provides you live screen for every real time problem you face in SEO.

Amit Dadhich Watch YouTube to learn Digital Marketing

The most effective learning is when, you




By watching YouTube you can do all three and become a master of the subject.

Learn through free Digital Marketing guides and Blogs available on internet.

Experience is the best teacher ever, Right ?

Why don't we take advantage of other's Experience?

There are  people who are already very experienced and skilled. They are spreading their knowledge by writing blogs. Be a regular reader of these blogs and get some insights of real time experience what they share on their blogs. 

Amit Dadhich Learn Through Blogging

Some of my favorite blogs that i used to read while learning are following:-

Some personal blogs to follow for beginners:-
There are many more blogs but these are some that i used to read when i started.

These are the processes which will automatically start pumping knowledge into you. Even professionals also use YouTube and Google to solve the real time problems. Self learning is the best way to learn SEO ever. As you grow older in the industry you will learn through the experience and your knowledge will become more robust.

Friday, 8 September 2017

What is Search Engine Crawling and Indexing ?

What is Search Engine Crawling and Indexing ?

As a Digital Marketing Consultant i have seen many people struggling with this question even after spending a significant amount of time in the industry.

Well we all are going to get the answer.

If you are a blogger or a Digital Marketer you might have heard these words Crawling and Indexing.
If you are a beginner then better you read it carefully. 
This is the first thing you should understand in order to learn SEO. It will give you a clear Picture of how Search Engines work.

Crawling and Indexing Digital Marketing Consultant Amit Dadhich

What is Crawling?

Google's Spider/Crawlers (A kind of Software Google uses like Googlebot ) visit web pages to find the information. These crawlers will crawl all webpages and follow links on those pages. They go to each follow link like we do in order to gather the information and they bring data to Google's server about those webpages.
Crawling begins with the past crawls and the sitemap given by web masters or website owners in the past. That is why we need to submit the site maps.
These Google Crawlers pay more attention to new sites, new web pages, changes in existing sites, follow links and dead links.
However we can stop crawlers from crawling some web content and pages by modifying Robots.txt file.

What is Indexing?

When we say Google Indexing, it means that Google Organizes Information what it has gathered from crawling the web pages. Depending upon Meta Tags, Titles, Keywords, Index and no-index status in Robots.txt file Google adds webpages into search results. Goolge index includes information about words and their locations. When you search something Google fetches information from this organized library.

It is the Basic information you should have while start learning SEO or Digital Marketing to get an idea how should you think while learning or adding meta tags to any website.
The advanced knowledge about Google Crawling and Indexing and Robots.txt file will be shared in one of my upcoming blogs.
My next blog post will be How to Learn SEO in 2017?
It will be a post guiding you about best practices in order to learn white hat seo in 2017.

How to Learn SEO in 2017?

How to Learn SEO in 2017? This article is helpful for you If ! You are a Businessman and trying to learn SEO You are a ...

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